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It's Time To End the Cycle of Burnout & hustle Culture. create success & Flow in Your Business.

Let's Leverage Your Human Design to Build a Life and Business Your Love

It's Time for a Change

I see YOU. I see who you are, who you're becoming and the business you're yearning to build.

I know you are tired of chasing trends & following tactics that don't feel aligned.....I know you long to transition out of your current business model or out of one-to-one work.

the reality

You have the skills and expertise to create a business that changes lives. You are ready cultivate a business ecosystem that supports the life you want to create but you are overwhelmed..(and sick of your business running you).

You've tried the One-Sized Fits All Approach

You've hired the coach and joined the programs and played by the "rules" but yet you still haven't had the success (and impact) you desire when it comes to building your business and creating a life of freedom.

You've watched as Colleagues have grown....

You witnessed your colleagues (who aren't as qualified as you) have success in their business by leveraging unaligned plug and play tactics. While you've tried these same techniques only to have them fall flat. You are left wondering, "what am I doing wrong?" because you can't seem to get your marketing to resonate.

You've put in your 10,000 hours but are stuck

You've got the trainings, certifications, and degrees. You've worked with 100's of clients, yet, most of your business still comes through referral. You've struggled to translate your expertise into online business sales that flow on a consistent (and reliable) basis.

but i've discovered

We are all unique individuals...

....the reality is the traditional model is broken, The vast majority of coaching program fail to get to know your and your business. They don't take into account the individual. Your strengths. The impact you want to make. The Life you want to create. The legacy you want to build.

the backstory

You don't have to comprise your authenticity & individuality in order to grow your business...

The reality is I spent the better part of the last decade and half doing worked I liked but didn't love. My business was running me. I was exhausted, tired of juggling and, quite, frankly bored.

As much as I could see how social media was a tool for people to grow their business it always felt like something was missing. I was craving a bigger impact. More results for my clients. A more individualized approach to strategy in the coaching I had received. I tried everything under the sun to easily grow the coaching side of my business and no matter what I did, the results were always marginal.

I knew there had to be a better way....

It was a crisp fall day in 2019, I was driving to pick up my youngest son at preschool and a hawk swooped down in front of my car. I thought to myself man, that was strange. I picked him up and pulled the at the same spot I saw the hawk previously. Again, out of no where the hawk flew into the sky. The picture you see to the right is one I captured that day.

When we can hold space for that what we cannot see and the logic in our minds magic - magic happens.

Earlier on that day, after having my first human design reading, I asked for a sign if it was time to change my business. Was it time to let go of my social media agency and follow my gut into coaching? Was it time to formally begin my human design studies? This was THE sign I had asked for. What were the chances...not once but twice.

I didn't need permission (or a sign) to change my business or pursue my human design passion and I still had my doubts if it was the correct move. The reality is we each have the answers within us if we only can tap into our gifts.

Ever since that day, I have leveraged human design as a light to support me in creating a more aligned business. I have peeled back the layer upon layer of conditioning to get to know who I truly am as a person. I make my decisions with my intuition and a sprinkle of logic. I trust my inner knowing to guide me and the results have been mega.

I am more grounded, joyful, and aligned than I have ever been. I feel strong, in my power and know who I am and it all started with a sign.

If you have been searching for an individualized approach to building your business or if you feel like no matter what you try something is missing...this may be your sign...

Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself.

It is precisely this simple and also this difficult. -Warren Bennis.

just imagine

Let's STOP settling and shrinking into boxes instead let's only say yes to what light's us up...

It's time to Build YOUR Ecosystem

and sprinkle more joy, abundance and life into your days!

It's time to say YES to you.

I Invite you to throw away the box, refuse to settle, & build a business on your terms.

If you are ready to inject more ease and flow in your business while saying goodbye to unaligned strategies, I invite you to keep reading.


There are multiple ways to achieve success...when you throw out the way it "supposed to done" and embrace the possibilities...

Throw out the one sized fits all approach. It doesn't work...

There are multiples ways to achieve the same goal & the ease with which you accomplish that goal is derived from the level of congruence you have with who you are & the life you want to create.

Embrace your imagination & discover flow & ease...

You can build a successful business and experience flow & ease. You can create the life you have always desired & make an impact. You don't have to chose one or the other. Welcome flow in your life as you align with your inner knowing.

This program is THE group coaching experience if you are looking for individualized support to grow your business, life an aligned life while embodying who you are every step of the way.

Hey there!

Nice to meet you! I'm Jamie! After spending nearly a decade and a half behind the scenes supporting multi-six and seven figure entrepreneurs I have seen it all. The strategies that simply don't work (or aren't embodied), the mindset pitfalls, the inevitable sabotaging of success and the integration errors that hault growth in its tracks and the blatant lack of individualized support I opted to build my own program that actually support entrepreneurs in getting results.

I've take my experience, synthesis and expertise and developed the Business Ecosystem Builders program. The high-touch, hybrid group coaching experience & mastermind for 50 entrepreneurs who want to focus on building a business that is aligned with their human design (strengths).

If your goal is to create a business with flow and feels congruent with who they are while creating a bigger impact and living the lifestyle they desire. Then I invite you to join me in the Business Ecosystem Program where my team and I coach your to your design and keep your goals in mind. We actually take the time to get to know how you are, your values, and the impact you want to have.


The hybrid group coaching experience & mastermind designed with YOU (and your human design) in mind.

This program is THE group coaching experience if you are looking for individualized support based on your human design to grow your business, life an aligned life while embodying who you are every step of the way.

Daily, weekly, & monthly support

Individualized Approach to fuel sustainable growth

Finally let your light shine in your business

Create a Business Ecosystem the Thrives


Strengths Aligned Strategy...

Forget plug & play and say YES to marketing & sales that feels authentic, is regenerative & positions you as the thought leader you are.

Coaching to Your Design...

Our team understands the nuance of human design, your goals and the lifestyle you want to cultivate. We take an individualized approach & coach you to your design to ensure you a building based on you. .

Focused Ecosystem Development...

Our time is spent developing the the systems & strategy for 1 program (and its ancillary products) while keeping your end goal in mind. Our work is collaborative in nature as we develop long term strategies for your success.

It's time to say yes to you and let go of all the tactics & strategies that don't feel good...

Our goal is to meet you where you are, support you in putting down the baggage you've been carrying, and get you into congruence with who you are truly meant to be so that you can reclaim your power and build success in your business on your terms.

A ship is safe in harbor but that's not what ships are for...Albert Einstein

The Ecosystem Impact Process

The Business Ecosystem Builders Program is capped at 50 members. This is the five year of running the BEB program and many of the original founding members are still part of the program. The program is designed to be customized to meet you where you are at and leverage your strengths and individuality to grow your business.

We are actively looking for members who are experts in their field, therapists, coaches, authors and service providers who are currently working on a one to one business model and are ready to transition into a one to many, course or group model. These entrepreneurs have typically run out of time or have hit the ceiling of their impact and income. Yet, they are longing to make a bigger impact in the world, to leverage their time and leave a legacy. They know they have more to give to the world.

They are turned off ***INSERT EYE ROLL*** by the over the top marketing techniques of "let me help you get to six figures in six weeks" and instead want to authentically show up and impact more people. Their mission is bigger than themselves. They consider themselves experts but not marketers and truly want to show up authentically online.

There is a 12 month commitment for the program. Success takes time. If you are looking for quick fix solution, this is not the program for you. This is a customized to YOU, your business approach to building your online business ecosystem and signature program while keeping your lifestyle in mind.

  • Create the Foundation of your Business
  • Build, Optimize, & Grow
  • Create Systems for sustainable & consistent success
  • FOCUS - Follow Once Course Until Successful

The 3 Elements

Individual Congruence

ELement 1

Mindset Integration

Element 2

Signature Ecosystem Strategy

Element 3

I firmly believe that if we embody and become who

we are meant to be - the world will be a better place...

Element 1

Individual Congruence

Every decision we make throughout the program is run through the lens of, "Is this creating the life I desire? Is this creating the impact that I want? How can I leverage my time, energy, and resources more?"Am I in alignment with my strategy and authority? Does this resonate with me and my truth?

The intention is to be relentlessly true to who we are as individuals as we create, cultivate and nurture our business ecosystem. We throw out the rules of how it "should" be done and we do it on our own terms. In congruence to what feels in alignment for us so that when we market ourselves we can feel really good about.

Element 2

Mindset Integration

Our ability to master our mind is often in direct correlation to our success. If your business is growing so must your mindset. Piece by piece we deconstruct the limiting beliefs, social norms and conditioning you've been carrying so that you can catapult your business forward. This allows you to show up in your power, as yourself, and make the impact you desire.

This is an unweaving process which helps us to explore and discover the vibrant threads of your being. Allowing you to create better boundaries, show up authentically online, and be the most fully expressed version of yourself. All while getting you to trust your inner truth, believe in yourself and your abilities (with more power than ever before) and experience flow in your life and business.

Element 3

Signature Ecosystem Strategy

This program is built on the belief that you don't need 7 different offers to be successful. My belief is that if you can build one signature program and maybe an ancillary product or two and you can be wildly successful. Now if you want to build multiple programs that's cool too! The name of the game though is FOCUS. Creating your signature program, offer, and ecosystem strategy is critical for your success.

Together we co-author a strategy that is in alignment with your values. There are multiple paths to success. Ultimately, a matter of choosing the right business model, funnel, and success path based on your strengths, goals, and priorities.

Offer Creation

Program Curriculum

Human Defining

Regenerative Strategy

Biodiversity Marketing Map

The intention is to be relentlessly consistent (however that is defined for you) when it comes to building your ecosystem by getting 1% better every day so that your efforts compound over time. We build our platforms to create regenerative growth. We leverage our time by creating sustainable systems. We make an impact by showing up consistently.

“Most people need consistency more than they need intensity. Intensity makes a good story.

Consistency makes progress.” - James Clear

Enrollment is Limited

BEB is Capped at 50 Members...

The Business Ecosystem Builders Group Coaching Experience is limited to 50 members.

Each month, we onboard 5 new members. We are currently onboarding clients for Spring and Summer of 2022

Let's Talk Support

Daily Support

Daily Voxer Support – Grab me on the bat line! One on One support from Jamie - never get stuck, you can literally just reach out to Jamie and the team. Response time is typically within 1 business day.

Learning Vault - Access to the Business Ecosystem Learning Vault with 100's of trainings, templates and swipe files to accelerate implementation & integration. Including marketing, social media, funnels, launching, curriculum creation, offer creation and more.

Community - An incredible community of entrepreneurs who are on a similar journey to support you along the way, get feedback and collaborate with.

Weekly Support

Lunch & Learn - Once per week we come together as a group and learn something new. Perhaps it is the latest trend on Instagram or productivity tips but there is always something new. This is a great week to start your week off on a positive note.

Hot Seat Calls - These on demand calls give you a chance to dig deeper with building your content, your strategy or any other burning question that you might have. Jamie offers these one on one calls weekly and are on a first come first serve basics.

Office Hours – These are 3 times per week office hours to ask any question that you might have that is holding you back from moving forward. Can't make it? No problem! Drop your question in the group and one of the team will answer it on the call.

Weekly Audits – Submit your social media, funnel, offer, marketing copy and more for feedback.

Accountability Check-in – Every Friday you'll get a message from the BEB team to see how your week went and where you need support.

Additional Monthl