The high-touch group coaching & mastermind experience - designed for entrepreneurs who are finally ready to build (+ launch) their signature offer, make an impact & create legacy.

Building a business that you love and brings you joy is possible.

With no cheesy marketing techniques or six figures in six weeks b.s. A business that you don't want to burn to the ground every 6 months. If this resonates you are in the right place.

In the BEB program, we keep it simple and authentic so you can create more impact, cultivate more freedom, learn to leverage, and build a legacy. For me, it's about building a business based on your strengths, how you want to show up in the world, and the freedom you desire.

If you want to transition from 1:1 work into a 1:Many model with one signature program keep reading.

Actions Speak Louder than Words...

Except in marketing (these days anyway)... It seems to be the opposite.

Words flow freely in the form of false promises, scripted videos that tell only half the story, perfectly put together copy designed to rope you into the latest magic bullet and formula destined to make you millions.

Jamie has been instrumental in making my business just go and helping me create the systems to grow. She has helped me plan, prioritize, promote and profit in my business.

She brings this really loving accountability that calls you out if you are getting distracted. I had some side projects that were distracting me from my success and she lovingly reeled me back in. She wants everyone to be successful, genuinely. She brings a lot of integrity and heart to all that she does.

I'm seeing incredible results and people are coming in because I have learned how to speak with them so that they take action. She is an expert.

Rebecca P., Rebecca Bee Coaching

Your signature program is waiting on you to start but you are overwhelmed with all there is to do and learn.

...are you ready to make an impact, leave a legacy & FINALLY share your expertise with the world!

The REALITY is...

  • Double the work: You’re short on time and don’t want to spend your precious few hours on a project LEARNING what you have to do later

  • Hodge-podging the to do list: No one course or guru has the whole picture and it leaves you having to piece things together to make sure you’ve thought of everything.

  • You have to run your business! You still have to run the business you have while trying to build the business you want to have.

  • “From scratch” tactics don’t work: 99% of courses out there act as if you’re starting from scratch. It leaves all that transitional stuff out of the equation entirely, and to you, that’s one of the most important parts!

  • Someone just TELL me what tool suite will work best: Outside of strategy, the game of “which tool do I need?” is expensive AF and wastes so much time.

The reality of transitioning from a 1:1 model to 1:Many is...

  • It's hard.

  • It's Double the Work (for a bit)

  • There are tech headaches

  • ​It's overwhelming - how do I know who to trust?

  • ​Determining your priorities creates decisions fatigue and seems never ending.
  • Scary because you don't know if it will actually work

  • Exhausting which strategy will work for you.

  • Challenging because you don't buy into all the "online marketing hype"

  • It can eat up a LOT of time

  • And SUCK up a lot of money.

...are you ready to make an impact, leave a legacy & FINALLY share your expertise with the world

The reality is our world is changing. We are all more connected than ever which means we can reach more lives than ever before. You feel a pull inside you that you are meant for more, meant to impact more lives and leave this world a better place.

You have spent years studying, tweaking and honing your craft. You've put in your 10,000 hours and you are undoubtedly an expert. Yet you've watched as others in your field who aren't nearly as qualified as you reach more people. It's frustrating.

You are finally at the crossroads where you can keep going, trading your precious time for dollars or you can walk down the unknown path of planting your flag, birthing your signature program and finally making the impact you've spent your life working toward.

The reality is the work won't be easy but it will be worth it. Like most things in life, it will require a season of building the elements for success. However when you come out on the other side, with a program you are proud of, teaching clients in group form and changing lives it will all be worth it.

Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely this simple and also this difficult. -Warren Bennis.

This means you will need to FOCUS - Follow one course until successful

Signature Program


Efficient, Integrated,

Sustainable Workflow

Platform Launch,

Leverage Impact

...are you ready to make an impact, leave a legacy & FINALLY share your expertise with the world!

Hey there!

Nice to meet you! I'm Jamie! After spending nearly a decade and a half behind the scenes supporting multi-six and seven figure entrepreneurs I have seen it all. The strategies that simply don't work (or aren't embodied), the mindset pitfalls, the inevitable sabotaging of success and the integration errors that hault growth in its tracks.

I've take my experience, synthesis and expertise and developed the Business Ecosystem Builders program. A high-touch, hybrid group coaching program & mastermind for 100 entrepreneurs who want to focus on creating, launching and growing their signature program to make a bigger impact and leave a legacy.

Build a sustainable business so you can create freedom in your life...time freedom, financial freedom, family freedom.

  • Navigate the transition from one to one work to one to many without having to overthink what do you I do next (hell yes, to someone keeping you on track)

  • Simplify (and shorten) the process of birthing your signature program (perfect for people who are overwhelmed and overthink)

  • Co-author a strategy that aligns with your core values so that you can show up as an authentic leader in your industry (so you can stop the cheesy marketing techniques)

  • Finally have a right hand woman (or man) who gets it so that you can actually create some time (and freedom) from your schedule.

  • Finally impact 100’s (or even 1000’s) so that you drastically change lives while creating a legacy.

  • Consistently hire the right people to support you without feeling like it is faster to DIY it!

  • Creating systems and repeatable processes so you aren’t the glue that holds your business together (hello leveraging your time!)

  • Build the container so that you can impact 1000’s of people (and create massive change in the world) while increasing your revenue

  • Kick imposter syndrome (and overwhelm) to the curb by cultivating a consistent marketing strategy you love without having to spend hours each week.

  • Actually be able to enjoy your vacation time (completely disconnected) so that your family isn’t saying get off your phone

Learn to say no to things in the present so you can say yes to your future

and the big impact you want to create.

Hiring Jamie Palmer has been one of

the smartest business decisions I’ve made to date.

"She is the only coach I’ve ever hired (and there have been many) who have guided me through the process of creating the online business. I’ve been striving to create. She is a unique combination of strategy, execution and personal development. She meets me where I am at and encourages me to take steps daily and also to stretch myself out of my comfort zone. I’m so grateful to have Jamie by my side."

Lisa B., Trailblazer Inc.

Perfect for: Coaches + Consultants • DFY Service Providers • Experts Who Want To Come Online • Authors • Therapists • etc. etc.

A high touch group coaching experience and mastermind designed for entrepreneurs who want to finally build + launch their signature offer.

Create an impact, leave a legacy and become a leader.

An elite business mastermind and coaching program for entrepreneurs focused on marketing & systems growth for their companies.

The Ecosystem Impact Process:

The Business Ecosystem Builders Program is capped at 50 members and there is an application process to be accepted into the program. This is the fourth year of running the BEB program and many of the original founding members are still part of the program.

We are actively looking for members who are experts in their field, therapists, coaches, authors and service providers who are currently working on a one to one business model and are ready to transition into a one to many, course or group model. These entrepreneurs have typically run out of time or have hit the ceiling of their impact and income. Yet, they are longing to make a bigger impact in the world, to leverage their time and leave a legacy. They know they have more to give to the world.

They are turned off ***INSERT EYE ROLL*** by the over the top marketing techniques of "let me help you get to six figures in six weeks" and instead want to authentically show up and impact more people. Their mission is bigger than themselves. They consider themselves experts but not marketers and truly want to show up authentically online.

There is a 12 month commitment for the program. Success takes time. If you are looking for quick fix solution, this is not the program for you. This is a customized to your business approach to building your online business ecosystem and signature program.

To create the foundation of your signature program, build, grow and optimize while creating the systems, delivery and content for success it is a process that takes place over the course of a year. We believe in developing long term relationships, putting the right foundations in place and Following One Course (with tweaks along the way) Until Successful. That process takes time and trust. It will take work to build the foundations to create long term impact in your business.

The Business Ecosystem Builders team is here to support you along the way and is dedicated to your success. We have thought through every detail in this program carefully to ensure that you have all the support you need along the way AND that requires you to commit to showing up for yourself, taking action, busting through self-limiting beliefs, and asking for help when you enviteably need it.

The program is built on three elements that carry you through the six phases of the year long program.

Signature Program Ecosystem

Efficient, Integrated, Sustainable

Workflow & Production

Platform Launch, Leverage, & Impact

Jamie’s BEB program provided strategic planning as well as technical support for all levels of my online business project. And I mean ALL levels: social media, sales education, sales funnel creation, web site upgrades and marketing strategies all tailored to my ideal client. The support is fantastic and with the frequent group calls and community support, this is a blueprint for success. Highly recommend.

Dr. Steven Greene., Make the Grade

The Ecosystem Impact Process

Element 1

Signature Program Ecosystem

This program is built on the belief that you only need to create 1 signature program (and maybe an ancillary product or two) to be successful. The name of the game is FOCUS. Creating your signature program, offer and strategy is critical for your success.

Together we co-author a strategy that is in alignment with your values. There are multiple paths to success. Ultimately, a matter of choosing the right business model, funnel and success path based on your strengths, goals and priorities.

  1. Offer Creation
  2. Program Curriculum
  3. Human Defining
  4. Regenerative Strategy
  5. Biodiversity Marketing Map

Element 2

Efficient, Integrated, Sustainable

Workflow & Production

Creating a business that can thrive without you constantly being plugged into it requires systems and streamlining. Every step we take throughout this program is about setting you up for long term success. I am constantly asking how can we make this simpler? What can we automate? Delegate? Systematize? Streamline?

The goal to constantly be creating marketing, sales, delivery, delegation and hiring systems that your future self will thank you for. Yes, it takes time and effort to build these sustainable workflows however they create more freedom in the long term.


High Touch Support

DAILY SUPPORT is offered via Voxer. You can message the following coaches anytime, and coaches response time is approximately 24 hours or less during business hours.

· Marketing + Business Strategy -Julie

· Mindset + Accountability - Helen

· Tech + Automations -Jessie

· Customer Support & Business Management – Emily

Weekly support is offered via Zoom. There is usually something going on every week, though it varies some throughout the year. We have the following types of zoom meetings…

  • Marketing Audits – These are weekly and are reviews on copy, offer, funnels, and traffic.

  • Planning Meetings – We get together quarterly to map out our 90 day targets and 30 day goals.

  • Bootcamps – We do funnel bootcamps where we work to build funnels within a certain timeframe.

  • Accountability Meetings – These “pop up” groups happen as needed between members.

  • Coaching Calls – Jessie, Helen, and Emily are available for Zoom or phone calls.

  • Q&A Hours – These are held throughout the year to answer questions on newly released content.

Monthly support is offered through coaching hotseats. Once a month, Julie takes four people and “hotseat style” coach them live in the group. It’s on a first come first serve basis.

Element 3

Platform Launch, Leverage & Impact

Every decision we make throughout the program is run through the lens of, "Is this creating the life I desire? Is this creating the impact that I want? How can I leverage my time, energy, and resources more?"

The intention is to be relentlessly consistently when it comes to building your ecosystem by getting 1% better every day so that your efforts compound over time. We build our platforms to create regenerative growth. We leverage our time by creating sustainable systems. We make an impact by showing up consistently.

“Most people need consistency more than they need intensity. Intensity makes a good story. Consistency makes progress.” - James Clear




More than any other thing, the group’s collective hive mind is by far the most valuable part of any mastermind. Whether it’s a JV partnership you need, a referral, or just a shoulder to cry on, when you put 100 committed people in a community together, you see lifelong friendships form. Strategic alliances are built. People give freely in the group so much more than in others because of the trust factor inside!

The group hangs out…

· In the Facebook Group

· In Voxer chats

· And in person twice a year!

The habits of the most successful CEOs and Entrepreneurs all circle around strategic information, coupled with decisive action and key relationships that propel the business forward.

Besides the great results I’ve seen in my business, I am most surprised by how much fun I’m having.

I had always wanted to offer counseling and coaching services online. So, once I was ready, I found that marketing my services on social media was maddening. I was overwhelmed by everything I needed to do. Learning what to do and then doing it took me hours. I knew I wasn’t working efficiently, and it was pretty discouraging. I wasn’t getting much traction.

Jamie ‘s BEB program helped me understand how to make social media simpler and it gave me a better foundation for my business. She helped me get clear about my audience, improve my offers, and streamline the sales experience for my clients. Basically, she gave me a system and strategy to follow. What used to take me hours to do, now took me minutes.

Once I joined BEB, I found that I had access to more resources than I could take advantage of right away. It’s like no matter where your business is, new or old, you could walk into that program and find something to push your business further.

My business has gained more interest and sales, and I can see how much my business can grow. – Sometimes I am excited by the prospects and other times I’m like, “OMG. This is going to be huge.”

The mantra that has kept me moving forward without getting lost in all that is available, is the mantra Jamie introduced me to. “Just do one thing.” It was based on the title of a book. Some people can do all the things at once, but not me. BEB lets me pace myself and Jamie is always there an offer of help or encouragement.

Besides the great results I’ve seen in my business, I am most surprised by how much fun I’m having. Don’t get me wrong. There is a lot to do, but because you have a system to follow, you notice there is room to breathe. -- I have enjoyed expressing my creative side in my social media accounts. I did not expect to have fun, but it’s been pretty awesome.

The reason I chose Jamie as a coach is, she had gone above and beyond when she did an audit of my existing social media practice. When I received the Social Media Made Simple Snapshot, I was blown away by the value that was packed into it. – It wasn’t cookie cutter. Jamie had taken an obviously thoughtful look at my social media practice, and generously gave me a number of things to do right away to improve it. I was really impressed by that.

Brigitte Knight, Brigitte Knight Coaching

Let's Talk Support

So here are the deets of the support you receive as part of the program:

Daily Support

  • Daily Voxer Support – Grab me on the bat line! One on One support from Jamie - never get stuck, you can literally just reach out to Jamie and the team. Response time is typically within 1 business day.

  • Learning Vault - Access to the Business Ecosystem Learning Vault with 100's of trainings, templates and swipe files to accelerate implementation & integration. Including marketing, social media, funnels, launching, curriculum creation, offer creation and more.

  • Community - An incredible community of entrepreneurs who are on a similar journey to support you along the way, get feedback and collaborate with.

Weekly Support

  • Lunch & Learn - Once per week we come together as a group and learn something new. Perhaps it is the latest trend on Instagram or productivity tips but there is always something new. This is a great week to start your week off on a positive note.

  • Hot Seat Calls - These on demand calls give you a chance to dig deeper with building your content, your strategy or any other burning question that you might have. Jamie offers these one on one calls weekly and are on a first come first serve basics.

  • Office Hours – These are 3 times per week office hours to ask any question that you might have that is holding you back from moving forward. Can't make it? No problem! Drop your question in the group and one of the team will answer it on the call.

  • Weekly Audits – Submit your social media, funnel, offer, marketing copy and more for feedback.

  • Accountability Check-in – Every Friday you'll get a message from the BEB team to see how your week went and where you need support.

Additional Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly Support

  • Quarterly & Yearly Planing Sessions – Once per quarter we will get together and map out your plan to keep you on track

  • Guest Expert Trainings - Each month we bring in a different guest expert or group member to showcase their knowledge with us.

  • BEB Event - Each year we host a three day event which includes two days of learning, strategy, and planning and one day of implementation and community building.

Bonuses included to Accelerate Your Impact!

Access for a plus one or assistant!

Logo, Brand &

Social Templates

Tech 911 Support!

Podcast feed for

members only!

Vetted list of contractors

Finding Jamie and the BEB program has been the biggest boost for my business.

Previously I was scouring multiple sources to solve a single problem, and ending up confused in the process. There is a wealth of information in the BEB program, from social media to ads to launching and it goes on and on! But the real gem is Jamie! She makes herself available in multiple ways each week for any kind of troubleshooting I need. The other entrepreneurs are incredible and I love experiencing so many different business passions. I’m excited to scale my business and absorb all the knowledge provided. If you’re on the fence, do it! If you’re looking for someone who is real and passionate with tons of experience then Jamie is the one!

Stacey H, Radiantly Dressed

Meet the Coaches

Jamie Palmer

Jamie Palmer is a business strategist and coach for impact driven entrepreneurs, service providers, authors, and coaches who are ready to grow and scale their business online with a signature program. Jamie is the creator of the Business Ecosystem Builders program that helps entrepreneurs build their online business simply while creating more freedom, impact and income.

She began her entrepreneurial career nearly 17 years ago and has supported 1000's entrepreneurs along the way. Jamie has been behind the scenes of multi-six and seven figure launches. She is paving the way for entrepreneurs who know they are destined to make a bigger impact in the world without having to use cheesy inauthentic marketing techniques.

Jamie has been a featured speaker at the RI Bar Association, the Better Business Bureau of New England, the New England Association of Wedding Professionals, Boston Business Women, and the Environmental Business Council. She has been featured in Huffington Post, Popsugar, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

In 2014 her digital marketing efforts won the prestigious Google ECity of the year award for Effingham, IL. This award recognizes the city's and their local business who have the strongest online business community in the state.

Jamie is committed to helping entrepreneurs create more freedom in their lives by simplifying.

Tamara Coupe

Director Of Happiness

For 15 years Tamara has worked extensively as an interior designer in Los Angeles, USA, and Paris, France for high-profile interior design companies. Having worked for athletes, royals, and politicians, she has a good understanding of pressure and handling it the right way. She has always been a big fan of a well-organized system that helped fulfill client's expectations and complete projects on time.

After taking a break from the corporate world she started supporting successful entrepreneurs to become more visible by assisting them with their online businesses and by creating macro & micro-content based on their podcast shows. Her extended background in interior design and design also facilitates her to create esthetically pleasing, brand and vision reflecting graphics for her clients.

Since the beginning of her own entrepreneurship, she has been using Jamie Palmer’s ecosystem of creating content.

Andy Klepner

Tech & Automations

Fueled by 20+ years of experience in web based software development, creative strategy, design, management, and sales, Andrew’s approach to driving business growth with thoughtful design is itself a form of art.

As the CEO of Brighter Idea Multimedia, Andrew perfected the balance between providing high-impact, completely custom online marketing assets to small and midsize businesses, without losing the high-touch, hyper-personal experience that put Brighter Idea on the map.

Today, Andrew is funneling that same creativity and passion for online marketing excellence into his work at Rapid Active Marketing. He’s dedicated to providing strategic, aesthetic design and cultivating meaningful client relationships.

Nuno Tavares

Tech & Automations

Nuno Tavares is a digital marketing tech coach and sales funnel building expert, specializing in ClickFunnels, FG App, Wordpress(Divi) and automating systems.

Over 25 Years in Project Management, People Leadership and Marketing in several fortune 500 companies. A passion for technology and marketing turned a part-time passion into a six figure agency (All while still working a full time job).

Nuno now offers tech sessions for Business Ecosystem Builders working on their Business Ecosystems.

Jamie Palmer is one of the main reasons I have been so successful starting my own business.

I hired Jamie as my business coach when I was still in the brainstorming phase of creating my own business and she has helped me clarify my goals, better understand my strength, realize my areas for improvements and most importantly how to improve. She has been a sounding board, an inspiration, a support system and is a truly wonderful person to work with.

Jamie is a great business coach – friendly but professional, supportive but encouraging, honest and above all she knows her shit!! Seriously – she isn’t just going to give you fluff – she is going to help you strategize, plan, organize, prioritize and all the other things that are crucial to creating a successful business. I owe Jamie a lot and appreciate all of her time and energy over the last year! She is worth it and so are you and your ideas too!

Erin Madore., Connect Through Strength

What happens next...

If you need help with creating a strategy to create, build and scale your signature program...

If you need a simple, direct and prioritized plan to marketing, systems, streamlining and growth...

If you are ready for direct (but with lots of love) approach to taking strategic action, high-impact marketing, that creates a regenerative online ecosystem for your business, in a small group setting...

You can apply now to see if you and your company are a fit for the Business Ecosystem Builders.

Current Membership Status...

Accepting Applications For Enrollment in Fall/Winter 2021


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